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NYMS of English

We are going to have a look at a set of words that end with nym and also their meaning. …Read More

Profile PhotoadminJun 28,17

Roles of Tenses in English Language

Today we will discuss the ideal verb tenses. In case you have denoted something which is from the past activity …Read More

Profile PhotoadminJun 22,17

Commonly Confusing Words in English

Everybody knows the issue with spell-check: your statement may be spelled right, however, it might be the wrong word.  With …Read More

Profile PhotoadminJun 13,17

Vowels and Consonants in English Language

India has many numbers of states. Individuals of each state converse in their own language and regularly can’t talk or …Read More

Profile PhotoadminJun 12,17

Preposition: Usage Tips

A preposition describes the logical, space, time and connection between the other parts of a sentence. As such, it connects …Read More

Profile PhotoadminJun 7,17

Usage of articles in English Language

An article is used to change a noun, which may be a person, idea, place or object.  Exactly an article …Read More

Profile PhotoadminJun 6,17
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