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Business English



In the era of Globalization and Liberalization, having communication with every part of the world is quite viable. And, being English, a Global language; it is mandatory to learn for anyone to have an effective communication across the Globe. Hence, English has become the language for International business.

How General English is different from the Business English??

In actual, they both have a lot of similarities than differences. Both these two require excellent core skills like reading, writing, listening & speaking, application of proper language principles and of course, effort!!

Strong communication in General English is the foundation to speak Business English effectively. Because, the major difference between these two is only the vocabulary, the list of appropriate words used for business communication. Those who wish to develop your skills in English Language take Business English Course. This Business English will especially use while –


  1. Drafting official emails/reports
  2. Taking part in business/business review meetings
  3. Doing presentations
  4. Having negotiations
  5. Making (or) attending phone/conference calls

In what ways, learning Business English will be helpful?

By taking this special Business English course, you can very well improve your overall communication in English and it will enhance you to use accurate vocabulary and enable you to communicate effectively. This would be helpful for someone who is desperately looking for the job, who is in a job already but looking for a promotion / pushing for a pay hike & also, for those who lacks confidence at workplace.

Whatever might be the reasons, learning business language will boost up your career and help you earn rewards and recognition.

Why EnglishLabs?

This is the place where you can Business English Classes in Chennai experiment the language and become a complete professional. Moreover,

  1. Our trainers hold a decent rank in corporate industries.
  2. “Affordable fee” in this condition where education is quite costlier everywhere.
  3. Provide individual attention to the candidates.
  4. Cherish your time with the interactive sessions.
  5. Both weekdays & weekend sessions are available in order to facilitate you.

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