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Soft Skills Training


What are soft skills?

Soft skills enhance one’s personal trait to interact effectively with other people in an amicable manner. Especially, in a workplace, these soft skills play a complementary role to your technical skills. Renowned sociologists equate these soft skills with E.Q (Emotional Quotient). According to a study conducted by the Harvard University, 80% achievement in one’s career is purely determined by the soft skills. So it is better to take Soft Skills Training to reach the desired goals effectively.

A study conducted by McDonald’s, UK forecasted over half a million people will be held back from job sectors by 2020 due to lack of soft skills. There are lots of Soft Skills Training Courses.

Why learn Soft skills?

  1. This drops a curtain between adequate candidates and ideal candidates during the recruitment.
  2. For a salesperson, it is hard to convert a sale without soft skills like negotiation & interpersonal relationship.
  3. For a doctor, it is hard to get regarded by the patients if he/she is failing to get the trustworthiness, approachability, and E.Q
  4. To maintain a harmonious relationship with your peers at the workplace.
  5. To foster the relationship in a workplace to have a productive and healthy work environment.
  6. At last, to crack the interviews.

Who should learn soft skills?

  1. If you are good at getting clients and not good at retaining them, possibly you have a soft skills gap.
  2. If your attrition rate is quite abominable, you have a soft skills gap.
  3. If you are good at managing people, but cannot become a leader – definitely, there is a soft skill gap.
  4. If you have a very good friend zone, wherein you cannot get any help during desperate times, then there is a soft skill gap.
  5. Personal accountability, Cohesiveness, Interpersonal relationship, Negotiation skills, Conflict resolution, Adaptability & Flexibility, Communication with clarity, Innovative thinking, and training – if anyone lacks any of these, there is a soft skill gap.


It is better to improve your soft skills by joining Soft Skills Training Courses. It not only enhances your ability in a workplace, but also improves your quality of personal life.


Why EnglishLabs?

  1. Provides training based on current industry standards that secure your job placement
  2. Have hands-on practical knowledge in basic as well as advanced soft skills training
  3. Classes are taken by the corporate professionals which enables a real-time training
  4. Imparts knowledge along with the basic communication for the required ones with a little extra cost
  5. Affordable cost
  6. Guaranteed results

We offer you the best Soft Skills Training in Chennai with no compromising on the quality.

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