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Spoken English Classes in Salem


India is a diverse nation. It is a home of people from different cultures and background; often people from different states find it difficult to express their thoughts and views to communicate with each other.  As a matter of fact, even the thought of shifting from one state to the other state gives jitters to people because of this language barrier. The only way to get rid of this fear is to communicate in English. If you want to learn English or got an idea to develop your English Skills, you can join Spoken English Classes in Salem at EnglishLabs.  

For a long period of time, the English language is preferred in many of the schools for instructing and educating students. Speaking English at schools have become must in the curriculum which makes students to get a fluency in English at the earlier stage itself. Few schools follow it very strictly, on the other hand, few schools lag in training students with the proper English communication skills. For all those students who want to have good communication skill, Spoken English Class in Salem has been commenced.

Moreover, English plays a role of official language at most of the national as well as international offices, corporate and workplaces. This, in turn, makes it all the more essential for all those people to be able to communicate in this language. Only those who have command over written and oral communication can make the most of their career. Those who lack the ability to communicate and express in the English language might not be able to achieve the desired goal. All these factors together make it necessary for both working professionals and students alike to develop communication skills. Spoken English Institute in Salem is an initiative to help employees and students get competency over the language so that they excel in their respective field.

About EnglishLabs

In the year 2015, English Labs had been established, since then it has given Spoken English Course training to over 2000+ students at Spoken English Class in Salem. We have centers in Chennai, Bangalore, and Madurai where we have been handling classes to people who wants to sharpen up their communication skills. We have recently launched an educational website for providing Spoken English Training in Salem with the well-designed levels and courses. English language course is programmed on the basis of real-life practical exercises and situations. If you want to strengthen your skill in the language and fetch a reputable job in a highly competitive corporate world then enroll for Spoken English in Salem.


At EnglishLabs, we have categorized our curriculum into three different levels – Level 1 is for Beginners, Level 2 is for Intermediate, and Level 3 is for Advanced Level Spoken English programs, and IELTS Courses. If you wish to take up the Spoken English Coaching Classes in Salem, you will get assessed by the instructor at the beginning to know about your skill set in English. Later, you will be allocated in any of the levels said above according to your skill in English.

In this first level of learning Spoken English Training in Salem, the tutor will train you on pronunciation, reading comprehension, speaking exercises, vocabulary, listening practice and English development topics. This level would be suggested for those who wish to learn Spoken English from the basics.

The intermediate level is intended for people who wish to communicate flawlessly and confidently. Completing this level will make learners converse effortlessly and with clarity. In this level grammar, reading comprehension, speaking training, vocabulary development, audio and video training is discussed in a higher method.

Those who have completed the previous levels and want to further hone their English skills to the next level of competency, then consider taking up this Advanced level programs at Best Spoken English Coaching Classes in Salem. In this level grammar mastery, vocabulary development, speaking exercise, audio and video training is given in an advanced process.

High Level Spoken English Course Syllabus:

Commonly Mispronounced Words
Vocabulary Development
Spoken English Development
Reading Comprehension
Audio Learning Session
Speaking Exercises in English

Syllabus for Advanced Level:

Grammar Mastery
Speaking Exercises in English
Audio & Video Sessions Exercises
Vocabulary Development


The curriculum covers four areas of the language – Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. The learners will be provided introductory courses for instruction and educational modules. Know more about IELTS Coaching in Salem at EnglishLabs!

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