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Spoken English Classes in Thane


To learn how to speak the English language confidently is a basic need nowadays. It is of supreme necessity not an issue of status for a person to learn to speak English firmly, who is in search for a good job and reach heights. Having knowledge of a particular thing, but what if that knowledge is of no use to you as you are unable to communicate in English? The benefit would be taken by those who are not good enough in the practical knowledge but can communicate well in English. Failure of a student sitting for an interview or a professional who want to move forward but is unable do because of communicative English is a major problem in the society today. Spoken English classes in Thane take this responsibility on their shoulder and come up with the new English speaking classes.

English is the worldwide accepted language and the sad thing about it is that many Indians are still unaware of this fact. They need to be aware of the present status of this language and its effects in the coming days.

Highlights of EnglishLabs

Our first center was opened in 2015 and now we have English lab centers in most of the cities in the country which altogether has trained more than 2000+ students. And still, we are about to open our new centers soon so that we can reach the maximum of the people and help them to boost their confidence in speaking English. We proudly want to announce that we have also launched our online courses, which you can start whenever you want to just by enrolling yourself at the level best suited for you. Spoken English Course in Thane will also help you to gain the personal attention of the experts. To boost up your confidence and your communication skills English labs is here. You can any time clear your doubts if any.


Spoken English Class in Thane has different courses for the different segment of the people.  You can be a star of your company once you are enrolled with us. For beginners is the level 1, for an advance course is level 2 and then lastly is the IELTS this is the special course in which special attention is given by the experts.

Level 1

This level is mainly for beginners, those who don’t know how to communicate at all. This course enables them to stand firm in front of the public and confidently speak English. We make students aware of vocabulary, short sentences, and its use.

Level 2

This level is for the people who are aware of the basics but need to improvise it so that they can speak flawless English. They can interact with anyone easily. We make students mastery of vocabulary and linguistic rules used during communication with our Spoken Classes in Thane.


How to speak, write, read and listen perfectly is taught in this course. We do provide the students with introductory programs and general instruction modules. This helps them to look back for the basics whenever they need. Passing this course, allow the students to be confident enough.

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