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Challenges in Learning English

One of the most popular languages to learn is English. Around the World English may be the most talked language, and many individuals choose to Learn English language simply to start their career with a secure job. English may be the mainstream language to learn, however, this doesn’t really means it is a straightforward language. There are many difficulties for individual people while learning English and learning English language understanding the meaning of words is a more complicated task. When learning to speak and write in English, people may face some big challenges. Some of them are listed below.


English Grammar is more complex, making it hard to recollect, ensuring you use the correct grammar can be tricky, particularly when you are in discussion with somebody and they are talking terrifying fast pace. The learning sentence structure resembles figuring out how to drive, you can learn all the rules and regulation, theory, however you won’t be great at is, unless you practice it and it starts to become second nature to you.

Grammar is most important, improper use of grammar can confuse the individual person you are speaking and even change the importance of what you are communicating, additionally native speaker are more aware of grammar and they will notice your sentence structure immediately if a grammatical mistake is made, native speakers will watch your minute mistakes too. English speakers are extraordinarily glad for the language and look harmfully on it being used incorrectly.

For learning a proper language grammar is very basic. Hence a grammar book will be very useful during the learning process.


Is frequently a test, especially with regards to verb variations and understanding which tenses should be used in different situations. English has one of the greatest vocabularies of all the languages and it can be extremely confusing for non-English speaker. In the even that if you don’t have a strong vocabulary yet, the principal way you can create one is a thesaurus and a word reference. A thesaurus is a useful device yet very important and necessary that you can use a dictionary along with it. Read English language newspaper to improve your vocabulary. The habit of reading not only improves your vocabulary but also the sense of making sentences.

Slang and expression

With English language having such an extensive vocabulary this is sufficient to teach students wanted to learn English, in everyday conservation students are rarely exposed to the slang words used by English speakers. Slang words are predominantly filled with sentences, so who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word, it is difficult for them to maintain a conversation.

Learning a new language and understanding the means of words is one of the compacted task practices is the key point or else attend Spoken English Classes in Chennai.

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