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Spoken english Classes in Chennai

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    Spoken English Classes in Chennai

    Learn Spoken English Classes in Chennai at EnglishLabs. Rated as the Best Spoken English Training Center in Chennai

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    EnglishLabs is a leading Language school present at Adyar, Anna Nagar, Ambattur, Porur, Tambaram and T Nagar in Chennai. At EnglishLabs, we don’t believe in traditional textbook-based teaching methodology, we will train you with interactive and individually personalized teaching methods that will transform you to speak English fluently. Our Spoken English Classes in Chennai curriculum focuses on improving your English skills through various interactive sessions with audio and visuals, apart from basic Grammar sessions. EnglishLabs caters to all groups of people who strive to learn and improve the art of effective communication through this global language. At EnglishLabs, we offer a range of English Courses that are personalized based on your learning ability and needs. The modules in the Chennai Spoken English Class at EnglishLabs are crafted to be simple, practical and more importantly fun!

     A gamut of job sectors these days cater to the global clientele, so if you have good communication skills in English, the prospects of your employment increase immensely. You can easily overcome language barriers within your own country as well as outside the boundaries as English is one of the most extensively used languages for communication across the world. Your thoughts, understanding, and skills may not be of not much help if they are not expressed accurately, hence attend the English Coaching Classes in Chennai at EnglishLabs for improving your English language skills.

    If you aspire to work with multinational companies or climb up the management ladder, you need to speak English fluently. People with poor communication skills find themselves languishing at the lost opportunities, even though they may have a gifted mind and can furnish brilliant business ideas. Your productivity is bound to plummet over time since you will have trouble conveying your brilliant ideas. So, it is imperative to take Spoken English Class in Chennai to strengthen your English speaking ability and have an edge over others in your chosen field.

    To learn the English language in a natural way start using it in a simple way and then move on to the complex part of the language. If you are starting to learn a language at a very young age then the spelling, grammar, and vocabulary are the essential elements of the language. Englishlabs is one among the Top 10 Spoken English Classes in Chennai here you are provided with significant both basic and professional training and also given with a renowned certification after the successful completion of the course.


    EnglishLabs was established in 2015 to provide Spoken English training in Chennai and has branches in Adyar, Anna Nagar, Ambattur, Porur, Tambaram and T Nagar. Over 2,000+ students have acquired fluency and accuracy through our holistic and integrated approach and effective teaching methods. We are rated as the Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai by Business Review Today. Considering the importance of learning English through technology, our classes are filled with many audio and visuals that will help learners to assimilate the different aspects of the language properly using technology.

    Our well-equipped R&D has enabled us to design engaging and enjoyable programs. Our strong logistic support and information management system has garnered us the attention of not just the schools or colleges but has made us the first choice for corporate training too. People from various places in and around Adyar, Anna Nagar, Ambattur, Porur, Tambaram and T Nagar prefer EnglishLabs for its practical, simple and fun-filled tutelage. EnglishLabs is trusted as the best Spoken English Class in Chennai.

    Certification Levels:

    At EnglishLabs, we have categorized our curriculum into three different levels -Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Level Spoken English programs. If you are planning to take up classes at the Best English Coaching Center in Chennai, walk-in to one of the EnglishLabs branches near you and get assessed by the trainers to know where you stand in your English skill.

    English is more than a mere language of communication in this world filled with competition. Even though there are numerous languages present across the globe the importance of English has never been drowned, rather it has been uplifted in the past few years. Thus, join our Spoken English Classes in Chennai to get in-depth knowledge of English.

    A product’s reaching top of the chart is completely dependent on the count of people who are benefitted by its usage. Similarly, for a language to be ranked no.1 depends on the number of people making use of it.

    According to the research conducted around the world, over 400 million people who are native speakers of English and over 700 million population is using it as the secondary language, which is magnificent when compared with the other languages present in the world.

    There is no hold back in telling that commandment on the English language sets up a great scope of the countless pathway in consideration of a bright future. It will keep you a step ahead if you are planning to start your career abroad or even flying abroad for higher studies.

    As this is now considered to be a universal language. As the chain of globalization expanded the need for communication during cross-border biz plays a very crucial role in success. Thus, Spoken English in Chennai is gaining more popularity in the past few years.

    Now, the primary reason behind the reach of English on a vast area is due to the colonial invasion of the British around the world. Even during the era of the Internet, a majority of the stuff over the digital platform is produced in English.

    It is proven by researchers that people who are English speakers earn much more when compared with the non-English speakers. Therefore, if you have a sound knowledge of English then it will be much easier for you to come up in your career.

    The famous books by great scholars are written in English not only books even the world’s top movies are produced in English. Thus, understanding English will help you to be updated in almost every field. If you are unable to understand any particular book or movie, you will be getting the translated version on the internet.

    It is also considered if you showcase yourself as a good communicator in English then your chances of leaving your impression amidst the management while delivering your ideas is sure. Hence, enroll yourself in one of the Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai.

    Based on your assessment score our expert trainer will recommend you to take up the level that meets your objective.

    English is a tricky language with evolution over a heap course of the period which contributes to the conversation done by the native or experienced speaker. So, to understand English from the foundation and to the fullest one should know the words like the common words, confusing words and words with difficult pronunciation. To make the words to dwell into spoken English it is injected into a sentence with perfect grammar.

    At EnglishLabs, we teach the grammar like the noun forms, verb, adjectives, tenses, prepositions, and conjunctions with apt examples to create a strong foundation in the English language at the beginner level. This is the first level in learning from the Best English Teaching Center in Chennai. This level is recommended for anyone who is interested in learning Spoken English right from the basics. In this level vocabulary, pronunciation, reading comprehension, speaking exercises, listening practice, and English development topics are also covered.

    The high level of English carries elaborate explanations and relevant language. The difference between the overview and review better explains the usage of English at different levels of education. The evaluative and descriptive language is acquired through the practice from the grammar part like the words in different parts of speech, nouns, relative pronouns, verb, adverb types, Gerund, infinite gerund, prepositions, conjunctions, active and passive voice, verb, adjective, and nouns.

    At EnglishLabs, we indulge in creating an interesting syllabus and creating interesting personalities with a strong background in English. We are happy to reap the studious environment with the learning community and teaching community. This level is intended for people who want to communicate confidently and flawlessly. We provide enhanced communication dexterity to learners so that they can have a perfect conversation with better grammar and vocabulary. This program will empower learners to converse effortlessly and with clarity. In this level vocabulary development, grammar, speaking training, reading comprehension, audio, and video training is given in a higher method.

    At EnglishLabs the training for the advanced level spoken English starts with an overview of basic grammar and then move on to the difficult part of the language. The different scenarios like business communication, the language in between peer’s, email conversations, telephonic conversations, communication with the customers are introduced to the students as a part of the syllabus with relevant assignments. Those who learn the language and possess bilingual brain are more focused towards their tasks.

    We shape the students with all the language skills and make them all-rounder personalities for future endeavors. Join the Spoken English Classes in Chennai at EnglishLabs and become an expert in the language. Those who have completed the Beginner and Intermediate level and want to further hone their English skills to higher levels of competency can consider the Advanced level. We will help learners polish their speaking techniques and advance from significant pauses to effortlessly using English in different situations. In this level of vocabulary development, grammar mastery, speaking exercise, audio, and video training is given at an advanced level.

    Services to Promote Spoken English:

    At EnglishLabs we train the students from the basics and we focus on the learner’s language not the expert language. In this world of inter connection and aesthetic we take immense effort in integrating the syllabus with the best examples. The interest of the students and apt assignments to the students are the notable service which enlightens the student’s skills. Email correspondence and the phone correspondence to clarify the doubts of the students are the appreciable service from EnglishLabs to learn intensively.

    Benefits of Learning English:

    Language influences the thought process, behavior and ultimately the lifestyle of the people around the world. Being a universal language English has its impact in every sector which makes the language as a distinctive one. The English language is a language of communication around the world and it is leveraged as per the needs in the education sector, job sector and the media. It is the criteria to pursue higher education in some of the developed countries, it is the criteria to get a permit to work abroad, it is the language used widely on the internet, it is the language in which the best movies are produced and finally it makes the thinking process as smart and bold.

    Spoken English Classes in Chennai at English Labs will project your bio-data with a ravishing view to get selected for the higher education or for the dream job. We know the demand and the challenges in learning the English language and we provide the best trainers to enhance the language skills.

    While there are many good reasons to study English, here we provide an overview of four of the most important advantages of learning English:

    Helps to Access world-class Business and Education:

    Learning English will enhance your career prospects and provide access to employment opportunities in multinational companies. 

    Moreover, you can also travel for Academic purposes which allows you to broaden your intellectual capacity and helps you to learn new cultures.Proficiency in the English language helps you perceive your undergraduate or postgraduate studies in English-speaking universities like Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, or MIT.

    To improve your English speaking, you can join Spoken English Classes In Chennai at English Labs. They have professional trainers who are experts in teaching the students and making them communicate better in English.

    Increase your cognitive ability:

    Learning a second language will keep your brain active and enhance your analytical abilities, listening skills, and critical-thinking skills. Moreover, the people who speak more than one language stay stronger in their careers and also open additional doors to opportunities for studying or working abroad.

    Build your communication skills:

    Learning English will connect you to people around the world. English is a social language, so you can also communicate with others in all kinds of social, educational, and professional settings.

    Travel Abroad:

    Learning English allows you to travel to countries across the globe. And helps you interact with people as well as you can learn about new cultures of the world.

    You can also enroll in Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai to help you to achieve your ambition in your life.

    English Surmount Education Sector:

    Join the Spoken English Class in Chennai to gain knowledge in the English language which is the gate pass to pursue higher education in foreign universities. To grow high with fewer efforts in the career arena the bound into the English language and education are duly important in the competitive world. English is the base for the medium of communication in the schools and language skills are highly important to score high or grasp any of the great opportunities. International examinations like TOEFL, IELTS, etc are designed to pursue an education in the respective field with the understanding of the language and the understanding of the culture.

    The interest over the cross culture is injected in the students to manage the different types of people in the colleges where they pursue higher education. English and Education are the stepping stone to climb high in the hierarchical order of the different professions.

    At English labs, the classes for Spoken English in Chennai are taken with practical methodologies where learning becomes a fun activity. The grammar, phonology, structure, semantics, and vocabulary are taught with peer approach which stands in the memory for a relatively long period and provokes the habit of learning intensively.

    Amplify Job Opportunities:

    English is the commercial language for the business in India and foreign countries. Pronunciation or accent is an incredibly essential skill which is needed for the top management jobs. The software industry revolves around the client and client requirement which demands the candidates with good communication skills. For handling the client and to hold a good position in the top management level it is essential to have a good command over the English language. Join the Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai and surpass the competition for at all the fields you need to be.

    Internet Exaggerates English:

    The internet is the source of information for many queries which over top the mind and the widely used language on the internet tend to be the English. To become a regular learner and keep the information from different portals at fingertips having good knowledge in the English language is highly essential.

    EnglishLabs is reviewed as the Best Spoken English Institute in Chennai and we believe in training with projects where the online materials and different methodologies bring different climate to explore new things about the language. The syllabus is integrated with the examples or projects to make learning as interesting attainment.


    • Vocabulary Development
    • Commonly Mispronounced Words
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Spoken English Development & Grammar
    • Speaking Exercises in English
    • Audio Learning Session
    • Video Learning Session


    Business English Course at EnglishLabs was commenced to improve your communication in a professional environment which includes client meetings, social interactions, communication over the phone, etc. Business English Course also focuses on effective Email Correspondences and etiquettes.


    Already good at English? Need to prove your proficiency in English? Take up the IELTS coaching at EnglishLabs. The course covers four major areas of the language – Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. The learners will be offered preparatory courses for General IELTS as well as the Academic modules. Get to know more on IELTS Coaching in Chennai at EnglishLabs!

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    Changing Lives since 2015! Transformed more than 2000 students to speak fluently in English! EnglishLabs is rated as the No 1 Spoken English Training Center in Chennai! Now you have the convenience of taking the best Spoken English Classes in Adyar, Anna Nagar, Ambattur, Porur, Tambaram and T Nagar! EnglishLabs – Best English Coaching Classes in Chennai is expanding rapidly to other areas in Chennai.

    English Speaking Classes in Chennai provides weekend and weekdays classes. Learning and spreading the happiness of learning is the foremost duty of EnglishLabs as a center of excellence. Spoken English Classes in Chennai at EnglishLabs are personalized as the classes are also conducted as Online-Based Training. Walk into the nearest EnglishLabs branch offering Spoken English Classes and enhance your skills in the English Language.

    Tips to Enhance English Speaking

    The general thought is that happiness is expressed with actions or expressions. So, language is the best way to show the inner happiness with confidence to people around us. Language is contagious and powerful media of thoughts.

    English is accepted as the international language and is being used globally by the people as the major language for communication between individuals of different nations where English is not the primary language. In general, it is said that people from a non-native English speaking country have a good level of knowledge at all the skills like reading and writing in English, whereas the people from a native English speaking country they lack the confidence level. Therefore it’s mandatory for every individual to have good communication and a high level of fluency in the language.

    Spoken English Classes in Chennai provides the best training for improving the fluency in the English language. Consider a situation where you are allowed to express your ideas in public but there comes a hesitation when you know the answer and you are unable to speak English fluently then it’s an ultimate waste of time.

    Speak with Confidence

    Be sure about the information you are trying to speak and have a practice of talking to multiple people from different nations as many times possible. Don’t shy about making mistakes and you can learn a lot from your mistakes. Do have a habit of learning a new word regularly. Practice as much as you can so that you can gain vocabulary skills. Spoken English in Chennai is the best place to get yourself trained well.

    Listen a Lot

    The key to effective communication is listening. Having a practice of listening to English songs or conversations which in turn enables you to get to know more words with proper pronunciation. Join the Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai and get all your skills enriched in a better way with a higher level of fluency.

    Read out Loud

    It is said that reading more helps you to speak in a correct sentence. Enroll in the Spoken English Class in Chennai and get your knowledge level heightened in a better way at the most possible.

    Job Roles which are cohesive with Spoken English

    Software industry, finance industry and education industry are the big giant industries in India where the job description revolves around the client, communication and the team members. Global jobs also work with the same logic of client satisfaction and team coordination. Come to EnglishLabs for the Spoken English Classes in Chennai and we prepare the students up to the mark of the job industry with the catalyzed syllabus.

    Jobs suitable for the English speakers are editors, writers, senior writers, public relations officer, editorial directors, and customer service executive, marketing professional, corporate communication director, teaching, procurement executive, BPO jobs, and finance jobs. These jobs are cohesive with the English language skills and the Spoken English in Chennai will help to narrate the best skills inside the learner.

    The skills required for these different roles are like the team work, network among the employees, communication skills, listening skills, empathy in the approach, analytical skill, problem solving skill and qualities of leadership. These qualities are very essential to improve the profitability and it is enhanced through the communication skills. Spoken English Class in Chennai with EnglishLabs will promote the skills with different methodologies from the online platform and offline platform.

    All these personality development skills are acquired through the language skills and life style changes for the jobs. The gestures, facial expressions, body language, time management, responsibility, self-confidence, courage and the eye contact are some of the elements which prepare the candidates for the public speaking and speak crispy language. The need for English in different roles is highly on rise in the job industry at the global market and the international market.

    Learn Spoken English in Chennai at EnglishLabs – Rated as best Spoken English Classes in Chennai by Business Review.

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    EnglishLabs presents the Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai with their expert trainers to train you. Walk into any of the EnglishLabs branches near your location and examine your knowledge level in the English language. Depending on your count in the test, our trainers will assist you to choose the appropriate course. EnglishLabs offers the best coaching at an affordable price.

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