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Controversies with Spoken French and Formal French

Controversies with Spoken French and formal French

The evolution of language weakens the language and it inculcates different styles of speaking like the street talking, modern taking and the formal taking of the language. There are several examples and different ways to speak the French language. What we learn in the books and online materials through the internet is formal French. It’s raining is mentioned as “il pleut” formal French. “il pleut des cordes” is the informal spoken French. Join the French Classes in Chennai to learn with peer approach and professional guidance. Let me see some interesting tips to learn French.

Though you know the basic communication in French language, there are some confusing words in English and French which sounds like the same. French Class in Chennai provides excellent study material and work sheet to improve the language skills. Some of the cognate nouns in the French language are absence-absence, ballet-ballet, calculatrice-calculator, debat-debate, edition-edition, festival-festival, horreur-horror, and juin-june. Be careful about these words because the pronunciation and meaning are different in the aforesaid two languages. As the vocabulary and phonetics of the language are same for the English and French, it is easy to learn the writing and speaking in the French language. French Course in Chennai opens the door to multiple vacancies like the French translators, French trainers and sales executives for foreign companies. Let me provide some of the ideas to improve your speaking skills in French.

Use audio-visual materials to improve the speaking skills

To improve the speaking skills in French it is a wise methodology to listen to the French audios. Always keep in mind that the speed of the audio and your knowledge level should go hand in hand. Use short passages and repeat the sentences to get the perfect pronunciation.

Practice for questions and answers to know the idea behind the question

Practicing questions and answers improve the context based sentences; it provides the idea of building questions and also it helps the students to understand the exact idea behind the question.

Make your own colorful flash cards

As like kids from kinder garden learn through activities and pictures it’s a funny and cool way to remember the vocabularies. So, make your own card for every new vocabulary in the language and see the words every day in the morning or night whenever you find the time.

Understand the structure or pattern of the language

The structure of English language and French language is not the same. “le chien” in French means the “dog in your head” in English.  The structure of both the languages is different. So, learn and understand the differences between examples. Don’t link both the languages and confuse the meanings.  By regular practice, you can pick up the speed and become an excellent public speaker in the French language.

French Institute in Chennai is conducted with an aim to help the students to study abroad, working professionals to work abroad and the job seekers to get their dream job.

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