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Different Ways to say Good Luck

Different way to say good luck

We all believe that in some point of our life we would have little chance to face luck, isn’t that right?  All things considered, surprisingly in English, there is a wide range of methods for wishing somebody “Good Luck”. English is the common language spoken all over the world. Learning English is not just an easier task for everyone, but once you start to know the benefits for Spoken English you can see the changes in your life. Now let we discuss a couple of various expressions!

Break a leg

The fact that this expression may sound extremely bizarre it is usually used to wish somebody good luck before they accomplish something.

I’m having an interview tomorrow morning.

Break a leg; I’m confident you’ll do extraordinary!

Keep your fingers crossed

This sentence is used to denote both the luck and hope, which purely depend upon the expression we use based on the situation.

My friend is in a hospital and he is not doing well.

Just keep your finger cross and he will be fine.


I have my university exam tomorrow; I hope I will do well!

Fingers crossed!

May the constraint be with you

A casual and comical method for saying “good luck” in English. “May the constraint be with you” was utilized as a part of the Star Wars movies to wish a man or gathering good luck when they were going to set out on a testing adventure or participate in a testing circumstance. It ended up noticeably in the English language after that.

I have a 12-hour train to Kerala tomorrow.

May the constraint be with you, I trust you make it there securely!

Thump them dead

Another abnormal expression, probably much more abnormal than the past. The expression “thump them dead” can be utilized as a part of same way as “break a leg” despite the fact that it can signify “to truly awe somebody” or “good luck”

We are having an exam tomorrow, I’m anxious!

Don’t stress, thump them dead

Blow them away

Utilized as a part of similarly as “knock them dead”, this expression is frequently used to wish somebody good luck before participating in an execution or demonstration or some sort

I’m singing in the competition this end of the week.

Blow them away, you have an incredible voice!

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