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Effective way to Enrich your Communication Skills

It’s the general habit that we would like to show response first before the other person ends the conversation. If you want to improve your communication skills then give more importance to the conversation. Have one conversation at a time and listen what the other party is telling then show your response. Listen, listen and listen to understand the conversation. Speech without grammar mistake is developed through formal, informal and positive speech. To improve the vocabulary follow some practical tips like integrate the new word with the picture or body language.

Grammar and vocabulary are the two eyes of the English language. It’s the increasing trend to talk with a different pronunciation. If you want to improve your communication skills then talk slowly and maintain eye contact with others when talking. Rather than talking in the stylish way slow pace talking is good to improve the communication skills for a beginner. The knowledge derived from Spoken English Classes in Chennai is very helpful to clear the aptitude interview in the companies. After deriving good communication skills you can talk fast and stylish. Understand and analyze your level of English knowledge then start your practice.

Formal speech:

Do not rely on your memory and list down the things you want to communicate with others. Try to convey the important points briefly. Mention the least important points lastly to show that you are covering all the aspect when talking or texting. Example of formal and informal speech is can I suggest you that join the picnic [Informal], may I suggest you that join the picnic [Formal], Might I suggest you for joining the picnic [very formal]. The English Coaching Classes in Chennai frame the syllabus after considering so many factors like the age group of the learners, the level of knowledge, the methodology which they prefer etc. Formal speech improves the presentation skills and increases your confidence level.

Informal speech:

Use acronyms and exclamatory sentences when you are talking. One research says that if you are amidst of a large crowd then 7 percent of your verbal communication reaches the audience and 93 percent of your non-verbal communication reaches the audience. So, if you want to convey anything effectively to a large group of people then spice up your information with informal and non-verbal speech. The expression, body language and voice convey your message. If you want to promote anything through social media then communication with personal touch renders good result. Spoken English in Chennai is increasing nowadays as the educated population is increasing in Chennai.  Informal speech improves your creativity sense.

Positive attitude:

Positive attitude portrays your speech with serene vision and gives a pleasant experience to the listeners. Communication with positive attitude stays in the mind for a very long time. Communication is the organic process which preserves your positive energy. So, communicating with positive attitude improves your positive thinking.

Memory management through pictures and body language:

If you find it difficult to remember new words in the English language then keep motivational pictures to remember the new words. Sometimes the expressions or body language makes the language interesting and tend to aid in the memory management.

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