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    French Classes


    Englishlabs No: 1 French Language Classes offering training since 2015, is the Best French Language Training Institute in India. we are located in various parts of Chennai and our main Branch is in Anna Nagar, Porur, T Nagar and Velachery.

    Choosing a language to learn is a quite difficult task. You might have to do a lot of research and consider many factors before finalizing on a language. Most of us would want to go for a language that can support our career on international standards. We would want to learn a language that would be accepted in all the foreign countries. We need to see how well the language will accelerate our career growth and how prominent it is in this world. If you think that English is the only foreign language which satisfies the above conditions, then you are wrong. French is also a foreign language that enjoys an equal amount of importance like English. French has gained huge attraction not only in India but also in many other foreign countries. The desire to Learn French among people has been consistently rising worldwide.

    Among the countries of this world, 29 countries have French as their official language. French is a powerful language more than we can imagine. The second most taught foreign language in the EU is French. Apart from English, French is also one language that is needed to be known before travelling to certain countries. These countries give huge importance to French language and want their tourists and migrants to have knowledge in French. Many French-based countries demand French knowledge to students looking for admissions in universities in their countries.

    In India, language is seen as something more than just a tool of communication. It is considered to be a tool to acquire more knowledge from different culture and traditions. Indian schools have been providing French as an option for the second language to its students to opt from. India and especially south India has an influence of French and its culture. One could find numerous buildings and constructions built during French rule. Not only in schools but colleges also provide French Classes as an option for the second language. Many Indians have the goal of pursuing their higher studies or work in French based countries.


    If you are looking for a trustable name for French training in India, then without any doubts it is EnglishLabs. EnglishLabs is the top provider for language courses in India. It aims at empowering the communication system all over the world through in-depth language training.  The French language Training is given to its students by inducing the cultural importance and global scope of the language to its students. EnglishLabs is known as the provider of the Best French coaching Classes in Chennai. EnglishLabs has been able to understand the cultural value of French language and impart the same along with the language training it offers.

    There is no need for any doubts on the faculty and training experts at EnglishLabs. The French language experts at EnglishLabs are highly experienced in the field of French training. Their expertise has been a proven formula for the success of our previous students. Our French language experts include both native and non-native French speakers who are capable of imparting the French Language with all its essence and value. Our French experts have been able to obtain consistent results.

    The expertise and knowledge of EnglishLabs French experts have been channelized in the right direction to form a course content that is strong throughout, right from foundation to higher levels. The French Language Course content at EnglishLabs is designed in such a way that it not only teaches French as a tool of communication but also retains the cultural value and authenticity. The course content and materials have been created in such a way that it utilizes native examples. We have been ranked as the No.1 French training institute for our course content and materials.

    Our previous students are approaching us again to take up next levels of French Course. This clearly indicates the success quotient of EnglishLabs. Our branches are present at locations close to you like Anna Nagar, Adyar, Porur, T Nagar, Velachery and Tambaram. We ensure to provide the required infrastructure and updated technology to our students. Our trainers are very much patient to provide unlimited doubt clearing sessions post course completion.

    Highlights of EnglishLabs

    • Air-conditioned classrooms
    • Experienced language experts
    • Modern infrastructure
    • Intensive course content with native examples
    • One-on-one sessions available
    • Flexible class timings
    • Unlimited doubt clearing sessions
    • Nominal fee structure
    • Present accessible locations
    • Weekend & weekday batches available

    We are ranked as the No.1 institute not only for French Training but also various other foreign languages like Spanish, Japanese, German. We make sure that students understand the language completely and are able to speak, read, write and listen. A huge number of opportunities is available in various French-based countries. Realize your dream of working or studying in a French-based country with the support, guidance and in-depth coaching from EnglishLabs and rise up in your career.

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