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French Language Classes in Anna Nagar


English and French are two languages that are known to co-exist with each other. There is a strong connection between the two languages. It is well-known that a majority of words in English were derived from French words. There are different words that support us to understand the relationship between two similar words in English and French. Let us look at the terminologies for similar words in English and French. French Classes in Anna Nagar is concentrating more on such in-depth content.

Cognate: cognates are those that contain the same etymological origin. But their meanings need not be the same. For example, the French word Nuit(night) and the English word night share the same Indo-European origin and that is they are called cognates. But in this case, they share the same meaning.

False Cognate: False cognates are those words that seem to have the same etymological origin but actually don’t have. Based on the appearance and meaning, the words architect and arch or pencil and pen, one might feel that these pairs are connected but actually are not. The similarity between the French word ‘route’ and English word ‘road’ is completely a coincidence.When you join for French Coaching in Chennai, you get to learn a lot through it.

Loanword: Loanwords are those words that are directly taken from another language, retaining its actual meaning. There are a lot of words in English that have been taken from French, some of which are prestige, debacle, déjà-vu, and silhouette. To know more about such loan words, join for French Training in Anna Nagar.

False Friend: This word is actually a short version of ‘false friend of a translator’. These indicate two words that look and sound similar but have totally different meanings. The word ‘sensible’ exists in both the languages but have different meanings.


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