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How to prepare for TOEFL Exam ?

How to prepare for TOEFL Exam ?

Preparing for the exam not only mean memorizing the vocabulary, understanding the grammar but also understanding the pattern of the question paper and the structure of the answer. Before choosing the training institute, check the reviews of the training institute and the housing facility of the training institute. Only some institutes offer home tutoring which is very helpful to gain the in-depth knowledge. When answering the question understand about the answer pattern. TOEFL generally test about the active voice and passive voice. So, if a set of four similar answers were given, then understand that either active or passive voice is the answer. If you find it difficult to understand the grammar then check for whether the sound is right. Some answers are easy to find if you read it loud. It is another way of understanding the answer. TOEFL Coaching in Chennai focuses about the tricks which help to score more marks.

Structure of the reading section:

Some questions are like table and some are like the summary. For example the sentence “Milk production in Australia has a very intricate and complex past” will be given and relevant and irrelevant sentences will be listed below. Test takers need to understand what exactly the question requires.

Structure of listening section:

Listening skills contains the conversation between two speakers. For example the audio from the teacher conversation with the students will be presented. Example of confusing similar answers and the question from the conversation is as follows:

What is the main topic of the talk?

What happened to the ant?

What type of danger was the ant in?

What are the different types of ant?

What can we learn from ants?

TOEFL Coaching Centre in Bangalore arrange for group discussion and role play to get a clear picture about the listening skills.

Structure of writing section:

Academic passage will be flashed and then questions will be asked for the passage. When writing the answer the passage is projected each time. Integrated writing and Independent writing are the two sections which have to be understood as the indirect answer and direct answer. Select the important information from the lecture, present the information both in the lecture and reading, well organized are some of the tips to do the writing section better.

Structure of speaking section:

This is an oral section of the test. Here grammar and personal experience influence a lot. There are six parts in this section. The sequence of questions is two questions from your known topic, two questions from the reading material, and two questions from short lecture. The variety of question demand for a variety of answers. So, this section requires the reading skill, listening skill and the personal knowledge about the different subjects. Expert trainers help to score high marks at TOEFL Classes in Bangalore. Experience always matters when it is language learning and teaching. Learning improves the memory,  whereas teaching improves the good practices.

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