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    IELTS Training in Gurgaon


    English is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. There are approximate 2 million people around the world who communicate in English today .English is now an official language in India. Love for English in India is also because of its flexible nature. It has adopted the vernaculars of the countries in which it is spoken. Words like – Karma , Mantra , bungalow etc are straight away taken from Hindi. Because of its flexibility and easy accessibility, it has become the choice of the majority.It is only survival mantra of today.To make your dreams into reality join IELTS Training In Gurgaon.

    With recent globalization, every individual has received a platform where a talent is not restricted to a nation but is a world treasure. This development has given tremendous opportunity to everyone.  English being the spoken language worldwide provides fuel to this revolution.Businessmen can establish their branches world over and so their profit increases many folds. Similarly, students from one country reach another because of different exchange program conducted at the college and university levels.

    In order to be a part of the global culture, one needs to be perfect in English.We have helped  approximately 2000+ students to take the first step towards reaching their goals.English is not only necessary for students but professionals too. Students these days opt for higher education in the U.S.,U.K.,Australia etc which offers several courses giving them a lot of practical knowledge and exposure. Here the role of IELTS Classes in Gurgaon come into the picture.


    IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the popular language tests. It is accepted by almost all countries which require language test to be conducted for the immigrants.There are two versions of the test – the Academic and General Training Version .The test has four parts – Listening, Reading ,Writing and Speaking. The duration of the test is 2hrs 44mins.

    In the curriculum designed by EnglishLabs for IELTS Coaching in Gurgaon,  you will find practical material and an expert panel who will help you in all the four areas.We provide other courses as well the i.e different level of learning English right from the basics.Our other courses are : –

    Level 1 : – It strengthens the foundation of individuals who are not acquainted with the language.

    Mainly the work is done in the areas of grammar,vocabulary, and pronunciation. Here pupil learns to make sentences that are small yet meaningful. After finishing this course a student gets to hold on the basics of English.

    Level 2 / Advanced Course : – This is meant for those who have a prior exposure. Here they would be taught to improve the skills of their writing and speaking. They are taught on a scientifically based module. It helps the pupil to qualify interviews, sits for discussions etc., without hesitation and thus opens an avenue of success.

    IELTS Course : – The curriculum is designed in the most Scientific way. Individuals are helped to develop all the four skills based on international standards.The curriculum is practical and also interactive which gives students time and space to nurture themselves.

    Join soon in any of the courses of your choice . Join with the best and be the best.

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