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    IELTS Training in Karur


    Any student or professional who wishes to study or work abroad in an English-speaking country has to appear for IELTS, which is one of the most widely accepted common English language exam required by universities and companies in 135 countries, counting United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Ireland.It is recommended that you take IELTS Training in Karur in order to hone your language skills and successfully clear the test.

    Once you successfully take an IELTS test, you may apply to study or work at various international universities and employers, which recognize this English language test as one of their entrance requirements. The test is intended to measure different English language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing, which trains you for real-life situations such as talking to your international companions at college, to your colleagues at work or during a workshop abroad.

    If you wish to enroll for IELTS course, you must possess reasonably good English communication skills. People with poor English will not be able to perform well at the test and would end up losing all important opportunities of learning or working abroad.

    About EnglishLabs

    In an attempt to address the rising demand for learning English language skills, EnglishLabs was founded in 2015 so that learners from varying educational backgrounds can receive uniform and reliable language training and perform well academically and professionally. We have an educational website that caters to learners and job seekers who wish to work up their communication skills and access endless prospects of education and jobs. Our IELTS Coaching in Karur is designed to inform and prepare learners for the global English testing exam that is considered as your gateway to working or studying overseas.


    Based on varying requirements and objectives of learners, we have categorized English learning in three levels, namely, Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Besides these levels, we offer IELTS course to boost your English speaking skills to the international levels of proficiency.

    Beginner Level:

    The purpose of this level is to prepare and prompt learners to communicate fluently in English. It includes training for correct pronunciation of words and forming simple sentences, and expansion of vocabulary.

    Intermediate Level:

    This level is meant for learners who can confidently read and understand words and sentences in English but look forward to interacting perfectly in English. This level will prepare you to participate in conversations and express your thoughts with clarity.


    This level hones your English language skills to advanced levels of fluency. You are promoted to this level after finishing your Beginner and Intermediate levels. Our experts will work on your speaking technique so you can hold conversations in an impressive manner.


    The course encloses four chief areas of the English language – Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading, which make up the four units of the course. We offer both the General IELTS and the Academic IELTS to suit the different needs of the aspirants.

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