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    IELTS Training in Kolkata


    English holds a very important place in communication throughout the world. United Nations has accepted English as one of its 6 official languages. Today because of English a large section of people can easily migrate to a place of their choice, to seek a better future. India has a unique quality which no other nations in the world possesses is of that of Unity in Diversity.

    Although there has been a debate between the supremacy of English and Hindi but it has reached no solution. Hindi being the national language has its own unique places which in no way can harm the popularity and patronage gained by English. Here in India English is spoken and understood by a large chunk of the population. English could survive successfully for almost two decades because of its “Indianization” which now accepted the world over. Words like masala, jungle, dharma, guru etc have gained much popularity.  Individual’s success in this time of globalization depends on upon his skill to communicate in English.

    Students and professionals aspire to get an international degree to boost up their career. Today a large population is ready to immigrate i.e. to work or settle abroad with a dream of a fat salary and a lavish life. To make these dreams come true one should have a good hold over English. Although English is introduced during primary education which follows till college but pupil don’t get any benefit in their later years. Reason being the content and the method of teaching is primitive. This problem is sorted once you join the IELTS Training in Kolkata.


    IELTS is a Standard English test method accepted universally. The pupil has to clear this test before applying for foreign courses or immigration. This test is of Two hours and forty-four minutes. The test is of two types – a. Academic, b. General training. In this test, the candidates are tested for all four different skills – Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.

    We provide a scientifically formulated curriculum. The method of teaching is very modern and interactive. A person who has enrolled in IELTS training in Kolkata will master English in no time. He will regain his confidence and will fearlessly face the world. The different courses offered by our institute are – English Level 1, Advanced English Course, and the most popular of all, the IELTS Course.

    Level 1:

    It is the step one or the basic course in English. Here students are taught about vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation etc.  Completion of this course enables a student to develop a good understanding of English.

    Level 2:

    It is an advanced course which is based on a scientific and a practical module. Students after completing this course are able to face interviews, group discussions or deliver small extempore speeches.


    It is based on the internationally set standards of evaluating students in four parameters namely – ability to listen and understand, Write, Read and speak fluently. The students are prepared to finish their examination within the stipulated timelines. Here we have a panelist who is experienced and devoted.

    So give your search for perfection, a break and join us to create history.

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