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    IELTS Coaching in Madurai


    Why is Proper English/Communication important?

    The IELTS or International English Language Testing System is a globally recognized test that checks the language skills of people who aspire to work or study in countries where English is the main language of communication. The test is conducted by the British Council in cooperation with Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP: IELTS Australia. The objective of the exam is to measure the English knowledge of the people writing the exam. It is, therefore, imperative to develop proper communication skills if you wish to take to move to an English speaking nation for work or for higher education.

    Widely acknowledged by higher education institute, employers, and government agencies to verify English language aptitude, IELTS regards all aspirants with the greatest quality and value by keenly keeping away from cultural partiality and by recognizing all standard group of native English speaker, together with, British, North American, New Zealand and Australian English. Englishlabs offers IELTS Coaching in Madurai in order to prepare learners to successfully take the exam and expand their prospects of landing a good job overseas.

    About English Labs

    Englishlabs was instituted in 2015 with a vision to offer comprehensive programs in English language skills to all learners irrespective of their age, profession, and educational backgrounds. We are setting up an online educational portal to extend our services to possibly every learner who wishes to transcend geographical boundaries in search of better education and employment. IELTS Training in Madurai is another step towards empowering students of diverse backgrounds and preparing them for an exam that values their communication skills and certifies their level of language competence.


    Other than IELTS training, we are introducing three distinct levels – Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced to focus on the demand of learners and address their respective needs of developing excellent communication skills.

    Beginner Level:

    This level is set up keeping in mind the basic objective of learning the language, that is, to be able to communicate confidently in English. You will learn to pronounce words rightly, form simple sentences, and expand your vocabulary. By the end of this level, you will be able to fluently read and comprehend sentences and words in English.


    This level is set up for learners who look forward to articulating flawlessly in English. You will be able to enhance your communication adroitness and hold conversations effortlessly after completing this level.


    You will be advanced to this level after completing Beginner and Intermediate levels so you can further sharpen up your English communication skills to elevated levels of proficiency. We will help add style to your speaking technique so you will be able to put your thoughts across in an effective manner.


    The course is intended for learners who want to study abroad in an English speaking country.  It contains four central areas of the language, that is, Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing, which structures the four modules of the course. The General IELTS, as well as, the Academic IELTS will be offered as a part of this course.

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