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    IELTS Training in Pune


    Nearly 65% of the world’s entire population use the English language to communicate. There is no denying the fact that learning this language can improve your knowledge, open more job opportunities, and enable you to interact with people and peers when you travel abroad for higher education or attend to professional commitments. IELTS Training in Pune in order to hone your language skills and successfully clear the test.

    The language still remains the most widely used medium of instruction across schools. Numerous books are written in English language and it is being used as an official language in about 90 countries. On the international level, it would be actually difficult to flourish in this world without understanding English. Working professionals communicate with one another in English. Students who aim to go abroad for further education should know English well. If their communication skills are poor, they may face trouble in adapting to the foreign environment.

    English is essentially your gateway to finding jobs in multinational companies as well as government departments, where English can be your solitary medium of communication as it is uniformly understood by workers from varied linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Englishlabs is committed to bridging the communication gap by empowering students with excellent language skills so they can confidently discuss and share their opinion and innovations with the world. IELTS in Pune is an extension of our commitment to preparing students to excel at the global language assessment exam and to secure potential career prospects.

    About EnglishLabs

    Set up in 2015 in Chennai and later extended to cities like Madurai and Karur, Englishlabs has proved its mettle when it comes to imparting valuable language training to students. Now, we are taking a step further by initiating an educational web portal for students who want to learn English online. We offer several programs and courses that are customized to enhance the English communication skills of learners. Additionally, Englishlabs has started IELTS Classes in Pune to prepare job seekers and students to appear for the exam of global recognition.


    In addition to Best IELTS Classes in Pune , Englishlabs will be providing language learning courses that are split into two different levels – Level 1 and Level 2, where each level is designed to focus on individual requirements and capabilities of learners.

    Level 1:

    Learning English language at Englishlabs begins at Level 1. Our language experts create an environment where students are motivated to read words correctly, learn basic language structure, and form sentences. The students are introduced to the wealth of English vocabulary during this level.

    Level 2:

    In this level, students who have already grasped the basic structure of the English language are encouraged to articulate their thoughts and communicate them in a confident manner. Englishlabs experts will guide learners to hold discussions and put their view across expressively.


    IELTS course has been designed under the guidance of language experts to cover each of the four portions of the English language, i.e., Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening, to bring together the four parts of the course. Both the General as well as the Advanced level IELTS training will be provided by our experts.

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