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Necessary skills speak english fluently native english speaking countries

Speaking English makes your world widen for job opportunities. Knowing the language is a more interesting trip. Wherever you go around the world you find English speaking people. That’s why universities make this language mandatory. English is the official language of many countries. There are more than 450 million people who are native speakers.

“English is the language of this planet.”

Why English is so important?

English dominates the whole world. Learning English will make you access to foreign universities with greater cultural understanding. It also accesses you to an incredible amount of information. English is an excellent choice for learning. Knowing this language is a key to success. We live in a secure world where people living in isolated places also get connected to the world of music, movies etc.

Grasping power is necessary for good fluency. For a student who is going to step into university, fluency in English is mandatory both for studies and career. Without fluency, it is very difficult to understand concepts conveyed by authors/professors.

English is a bridge to all international languages. English plays an important role in the era of liberalization, globalization, and privatization.  To step into an organization, a university is the first entry to start. Having a better communication, you will become an asset to any organization.

Improve your communication

Using Eye contact

Doing exercise every day


Facial expressions

Usage of proper body language

Maintain positive attitude with a smile

Communication can be improved by listening to audios, watching movies with/without subtitles.

You can be an expert in your language skill by improving your Listening, writing, reading and speaking ability. Try a practice test with Englishlabs TOEFL Coaching in Chennai which improves your vocabulary.

Expand your knowledge

Watch popular news and shows of English language. When you are exposed to such topics, you will have a better opportunity to express yourself to understand people during discussions. Effective communication breaks language barriers and cultural gap.

Effective communication skills

Communication skill is the fundamental requirement to take you to the path of success. Not only universities, but many opportunities require a good communication skill which improves interpersonal relationships with people. Communication is ALWAYS a two-way process.

Skills to improve in English

 Be confident while you speak. Only when you speak people will start correcting your mistakes. As you would have heard “mistakes are the stepping stones for success”. Commit a new mistake every day and learn a new thing simultaneously. Start engaging yourself in all English speaking environment actively. The prime way to enhance your skill is by speaking without any hesitations.  Make a list of all new words and try to frame sentences.

Start writing professional emails to clients and make many business interactions, to achieve your career enhancement!  Here are few methods to speak fluently in universities

Slow down your speaking speed

Learn words along with sentences

Listen to audios

Enjoy practicing TOEFL Training in Bangalore also with Englishlabs!

Engage with simple interactions!

Speak fluently with EnglishLabs..

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