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Photography as a Tool for English Learning

Photography as a tool of English Language

Photography is something that is attractive to anyone. It pleases most of us because visual is what is known to be the index of our thoughts and ideas that arise in our brain. It is an amazing tool to express anything in this world. It is a tool that can be used for numerous requirements. It is also an extraordinary tool to impart knowledge on any topic. Learning something becomes easier when the content is visual or the tool is visual based. Photography is used to teach many things in this world. Likewise, photography can also be used a tool to teach and learn English. English being a language that has huge demand and scope, people look for unique and interesting ways to learn the language. Today we will look at photography as a tool for English learning. Not only through photography, you can also learn English through English Coaching Classes in Chennai.


Ask the learners to choose a set of photos. Now they should continuously look at these pictures without any interruption. They should concentrate on the images for few minutes. Now you can ask the learners to explain the images. They can describe the image as it appears or what they understand from it. This helps not only to speak English fluently but also communicate with content. This will improve their brain capacity to convert visual content into speech content.


Provide the learners with an object and ask them to shoot the object from different angles. They can shoot the object at a close distance and a longer distance. And also tell them to shoot it from all sides like left, right, up and down. Then the learners can display their images and explain what each perspective conveys. They can talk about the meaning that the same object conveys in different frames.


The instructor should place few portraits of film stars, celebrities, politicians and common people. Now ask the learners to arrange the photos in any order. The order is their wish and can be based on anything like clarity, gender, looks etc. Now ask the learners to describe on why they choose to sort it in that particular order. Also, ask them to guess about the people in the images. In this way, they will learn to use the language in context to people.

Building Vocabulary

Students should find a set of photography material or content like photography magazines, photography websites and blogs. Now from all these, they should select a set of images from the olden times. Students should note down each and every object they notice in the photographs. This is sure to improve their vocabulary and give them exposure to more words from olden times. In the Best Spoken English Class in Chennai, photography is used as a tool to build vocabulary.

Telling Story

Students should click pictures on their own. After this, they should form groups of two and exchange their photos. They should try to tell their understanding of their partner’s photographs. This will help them to communicate based on other’s understanding and thought process.
You might feel that it is strange to hear that one can learn a language through photographs. But this is true and also an effective method. More colors mean more interest in the mind of learners. This will also prove helpful to many who want to approach English learning in a much unique way. One can use these techniques not only for English but also for French Training in Chennai.

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