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Preposition: Usage Tips

Usage of Preposition

A preposition describes the logical, space, time and connection between the other parts of a sentence. As such, it connects the various words together, so that everyone will understand how to frame a sentence. In the English Language, there are hundreds of preposition are used. One simple approach to memorizing preposition is that they are words that let you know wherever a bunny can keep running; for example, a bunny can run. When using proposition in a sentence there are some rules that relate how to use a preposition, where to use a preposition, when to use and which preposition is to use, while framing sentence where preposition has to go. To know more about preposition take Spoken English Training and develop your skills in English.

Some of the commonly used prepositions are listed below.

On, at, about, up, far, by, always etc…

Rules of preposition

While using preposition there are 2 major rules

The first rule deals with preposition choice. The preposition must take after specific words, and the right preposition word must be utilized to make connections between words in the sentences clear.

Second rules deal with preposition place in a sentence. A preposition must be followed by a noun, and relational words can just go on the finish of the sentence in specific situations.

Preposition with Example


Something used to express a surface

  • I put a mate on the floor
  • The bottle is on my table

Something used to express dates and days

  • The corporation water comes on Wednesday
  • My Brother birthday falls on 10th July

Used to express device or machine

  • She has been working on the computer since last night.
  • My favorite movie is being telecasted on last night.


Use to specify place or location

  • I am currently working in IT sector
  • My hometown is Salem, which is in Tamilnadu

Use for undefined years, season, months

  • We had a rainfall for three weeks in summer
  • We have made a vacation plan in may


Use to specific time

  • Tomorrow we will have a meeting at 10.00 a.m
  • The bus will start here at 8.45 a.m

Use to indicate an email address

  • Drop me a mail at

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