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How to reduce Nervousness while Speaking in English

If you are able to read this article then you are pretty good in reading English. Though many people are familiar with English they get a little nervous before they start to share their ideas in English. If you get nervous while speaking in English like numerous people continue reading further. I hope the following tips will help you to reduce your nervousness and speak fluently in English.

Take a Deep Breath

It might be self-evident; yet logical studies have demonstrated that concentrating on deep breathing brings down the tension by decreasing anxiety making hormones. So despite the fact that this is self-evident, remember about it! When you get nervous just take a deep breath and this will help you to reduce nervousness.

Watch your Body language

Our body language shows how confident we are. Use open body language to feel more confident and avoid using closed body language which will result in nervousness.


  • Stand/sit with straight body posture
  • Make an eye contact
  • Smile enthusiastically


  • Don’t cross your arms
  • Don’t put your hands in your pockets

Don’t be a Perfectionist

Getting nervous is part of human nature and everyone gets nervous at some point of time. As a learner, being perfect should not be your goal – your goal should be about constant improvement. You learn by making mistakes. Be prepared to make mistakes, but put conscious effort to make sure that you don’t repeat those mistakes.

Keep in mind ‘Why’

Keep in mind your motivation behind why you want to speak in English fluently. Visualize the good things and the benefits you will get if you are good in English.  Doing this really expands your inspiration and this will help you to reduce fear.

Be careful with Self-talk

Know about your self-talk ie. what you let yourself know in your head. If you let your mind think that you are sufficiently bad, this will expand your apprehension and you become less confident and uncertain.

However, in the event that you always promise yourself that you are good, you WILL feel more certain. Being brave does not show that you are not scared. It implies that you are scared, however defeat that dread with the goal that you can be the best form of yourself!

I hope this article will help you to reduce your nervousness and if you are interested in learning English join EnglishLabs.


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