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    Spoken English Classes in Chandigarh


    Given that most job sectors today cater to the clients spread across the globe, having ability to communicate effectively in English can boost your employment prospects. Those of you who can speak, read and write in English can be assured of a promising career. English, as we all know, is one of the most commonly used languages all over the world, learning it can help you overcome barriers in your country as well as abroad attend Spoken English Classes in Chandiarh. Your opinions, thoughts, and knowledge are not of much importance if you cannot express effectively and properly.

    For those of you who aspire to achieve new heights of success and work with multinational companies, having fluency in speaking, reading and writing in English are must. People who lack skills often loose opportunities despite having brilliant business ideas and gifted mind. Your productivity levels would bear the brunt of your poor communication skills. Hence, enrolling for spoken English class in Chandigarh strengthens your communication skills and stay ahead of others in your current chosen service or education field.

    About English labs

    EnglishLabs was founded in the year 2015 with an objective to offer Spoken English Training in Chandigarh. It now has branches in all the major cities in India. More than 2000+ students who enrolled for English training course with us acquired accuracy, fluency and long-term understanding through our integrated as well as holistic approach, innovative teaching methods and syllabuses. Owing to the growing importance of learning the English language, we are launching a website so that aspiring learners can assimilate as well as understand different aspect of the language in an effective way.

    Our R&D has made it possible to design programmers which are engaging and enjoyable at the same time. We have strong information management system as well as logistic support which have made us the first choice of not only colleges and schools, but for corporate houses as well.


    We, at EnglishLabs, offer three levels of course namely Level 1, Level 2 and IELTS. No matter whether you are studying or already in a job, there is a program for you to help you enhance communication skills.

    Level 1

    This is the basic course for learning the English language fluently. Designed for beginners who want to develop vocabulary, form simple sentences and learn pronunciation, you will learn different aspects in a proper way.  The learners will gain confidence by practicing vital patterns, understanding sentences and expanding their vocabulary.

    Level 2

    This level is meant for those who wish to communicate in a flawless and confident way. We also offer improved communication dexterity to students so that they can communicate with better vocabulary and grammar. Students who enroll for this course can communicate clearly and effortlessly.


    This level, of course, comprises of four main areas of English language – Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. These four areas are also the four important components of this programmer. Students who enroll for this course with us will also be offered preparatory courses for educational modules and general instructions.

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