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    Spoken English Classes in Indore


    There is no doubt in the fact that diversity in languages enriches Indian culture. However, the fact that this diversity makes it harder for people from different states to express and communicate with each other cannot be ignored either.  People living in one state find it difficult to move to the new state for better work prospects and education because of this language barrier to break this join Spoken English Classes in Indore.  However, English is one language which can come to your rescue in overcoming all communication barriers.

    Most schools in India use English as the medium of instruction. However, the level of the English language in regional schools is very poor. Students who want to pursue higher education should hone their language skills if they want to get admission in reputed colleges and institutes.

    Also, English is the official language of communication at most of the national and international workplaces. Enhancing communication skills is important for people to develop command over the language. If you lack the ability to communicate properly, your productivity levels are bound to drop. These factors together make it mandatory for employees as well as students to develop communication skills. Enrolling for Spoken English Course in Indore is your first step to learning the basics of the English language in an effective and proper way.

    About English labs

    It was in the year 2015 that English Labs came into operations, and since then there has been no looking back. Over 2000+ students have benefited from our English training courses. We rely on innovative teaching methods and holistic approach to inculcate in students the basic concepts of the English language.  We have centers in all the major cities in India, empowering students to sharpen and develop communication skills.  With the launch of the educational website, we aim to reach out to maximum people who want to learn this language.   We lay stress of bringing functional changes in learning and usage of the English language as our course is based on practical exercises and real-life situations. Register for Spoken English Institute in Indore and strengthen your command over it.


    At English Labs, we are offering students courses at three levels – Level1, Level 2 and IELTS. You can choose from these courses the one which best meets your requirements.

    Level 1

    As the name implies, it is the first level to help you develop communication skills in a natural way. This level aims at developing vocabulary and forming simple sentences by using basic rules of the language.

    Level 2

    This level is the best option for those people who want to interact confidently as well as actively with peers. We strive hard to ensure that students get the rules of language right so that they can express and explain in an effective and clear way. You can communicate clearly and easily after completing this level.


    IELTS program at EnglishLabs comprises of four main components of communication – Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening which also form the main areas of the course. In addition to general instructions and introductory modules, we also provide educational programs as a part of this course.

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