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    Spoken English Classes in Karur


    While diversity in languages enriches Indian culture, it becomes hard for people from different states to communicate and express themselves freely. Natives of one state find it difficult to move to other states for education or for work due to this language barrier. However, Spoken English Classes in Karur can help overcome the language barrier across boundaries.

    English is the medium of instruction in most of the schools in India, but the level of English taught in regional schools is remarkably poor. Students who want to pursue higher education need to brush up their language skills before they can look forward to getting admission in reputed colleges.

    In addition, English is the official language for communication at the majority of national or international workplaces, making it extremely important for individuals to develop a good command over the language. In the absence of proper communication practices, the productivity of a company or that of its employees is bound to drop. These factors make it necessary for students and workers to develop valuable communication skills. Spoken English Course in Karur is an attempt to provide effective language training to students and employees so they can pursue their dreams and excel in their professional lives.

    About English labs

    EnglishLabs started its operations in 2015 and since then, more than 2000+ students have benefited from its advanced English learning practices and innovative training levels. Our centers at Karur, Chennai, and Madurai have been assisting learners to develop and sharpen communication skills. In order to cater to the rising demands of learners, EnglishLabs has introduced an educational website to provide tutoring through well-designed courses and levels.  We emphasize on bringing functional changes in usage and learning of the English language as our syllabus is based on real-life situations and practical exercises. You may enroll for Spoken English Institute in Karur to strengthen your language skills and secure reputable jobs in the global corporate world.


    English Labs is planning to establish Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Level program in addition to IELTS course in order to meet the requirements of students and job seekers.

    Beginner Level:

    As the name suggests, this level marks the beginning of learning to articulate naturally in English. The level helps you develop vocabulary and form simple sentences by using basic language rules and enables you to read and interpret words and sentences in English.

    Intermediate Level:

    This level is designed for learners who intend to interact actively and confidently with peers. We seek to foster enhanced communication ability so that you can utilize language rules and expressions during a conversation. You will be able to communicate with ease and clarity after completing this level.

    Advanced Level:

    The experts at English labs have designed this level keeping in mind the requirements of learners who have already completed the preceding two levels.  This level will enable you to refine your English skills to higher levels of adeptness so you can naturally use English in different situations.


    Our IELTS program consists of four main parts of communication, namely, Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening, which delineate the four sections of the course. We offer educational programs besides introductory modules for general teaching under this course.

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