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    Spoken English Classes in Lucknow


    The world has turned into a global village, courtesy internet. Most companies have global clients which makes it mandatory for you to have command while speaking the English Language. If you know how to speak, read and write in English then chances of finding the right job increase manifolds. Also, there is no dearth of opportunities for people who can communicate effectively in this most commonly used language. If you have difficulty in speak English then you need to overcome it join Spoken English Classes in Lucknow. It is important for you to understand no matter what your skills are unless you are able to express and explain your views, opinions and thoughts; you cannot reach new heights in your profession.

    With most people toady aspiring to be associated with multinational companies and renowned corporate, learning the language which connects the globe is crucial. Those who have poor communication skills fail to express even the finest ideas and thoughts, thus lag behind in life.  Even if you have gifted mind, because of the lack of communication skills, you might not achieve the desired goal of your life.  As a matter of fact, your productivity levels would plunge if you have trouble in expressing your thoughts and ideas. Hence, enrolling for Spoken English Course in Lucknow can strengthen your poor communication skills giving you an edge over others.

    About English labs

    Started in the year 2015, EnglishLabs aims at honing the communication skills of people who find it difficult to converse in the English language. Our branches are now spread across the country’s major cities. Our more than 2000+ students have gained fluency, long-term comprehension and accuracy through our integrated and holistic approach, new teaching methods and updated syllabuses. We know the importance of communicating in English. Thus, we are launching a website so that more people can learn and understand the language. Our Spoken English Institute Lucknow information management system and strong logistic support have made us a popular name not only among schools and colleges but also corporate houses.


    We are offering three levels – Level1, Level2 and IELTS. You can enroll for the course as per your current understanding of the language. We have a course for working professionals as well as students a like.

    Level 1

    This is the basic course for learning the English language. It is designed as per beginners need. Course content aims at developing vocabulary, the formation of simple sentences and learning pronunciation. The learners would gain self-confidence as well as self-assurance as they practice important patterns, expand vocabulary and start to read and understand words and sentences in the English Language.

    Level 2

    There are many people who are not able to communicate confidently and flawlessly. For such people, Level 2 is the best course.  The training enhances communication dexterity empowering students to communicate with improved grammar as well as vocabulary.


    This course comprises of four main areas – Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing which are also the four components of the course. Students who enroll for this course are also offered preparatory courses for the better understanding of education modules and general instructions.

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