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Tips on How to Speak English Fluently

English is the language of communication. The globalized world seeks fluent English speakers for every job because the English language acts as a bridge to connect people around the world and technologies have changed the world in the field of business. So fluency in English helps the learners to get placed in top companies and also enhance their career and academic path. To improve your English speaking skills, English Labs provides Spoken English Classes in Chennai for students who cannot attend the classroom training and can learn easily from an expert trainer from their comfort zone.

English is spoken as a first language by almost 500 million people worldwide, and it is the official language of 53 nations. Because English is an international language, everyone should study it because it is not only a language of communication but also of knowledge. In many regions of the world, English is the most widely spoken language, and it is frequently taught as a second language in schools and institutions.

Now, we shall see how to improve our English speaking skills by following a smart strategy.


Before speaking fluently in English you need to focus on Reading. It will assist you in taking the first step in speaking English.

First, you need to make special time to read. This means making time for your reading will surely help you to learn without the risk of being interrupted.

You can try this to improve your reading skill:

1. Find a comfortable spot and spend at least 30 minutes every day reading.

2. Read the right books. Whenever you read, you should choose the books that you enjoy.

3. You can read blogs and also comic books that you are comfortable with. To improve your English level, you can read books like Harry Potter, Unhurried Tales, The Namesake, Fantastic MR Fox, and The Alchemist. These books will enhance your skills and also help you to improve your vocabulary in English.

4. You can watch a movie with subtitles.

5. Ask yourself a question after reading books, try to summarize what you remember, and write a few sentences about what you have learned today.

There is only one way to learn, it is only through action. So these steps will help you to improve your reading skills successfully.


English listening will improve all other areas of your English skills. Let’s take a look at a specific reason why English listening is so beneficial.

Listening skill is foundational for learning because you are practicing English listening skills and learning new vocabulary which is focused on speaking and memorization. 2. Listening will help you to understand different accents and dialects and you will become a global speaker of English. 3. English listening is a required fundamental skill in the workplace. 4. Listening skill is important when you are traveling to an English-speaking country because you need to have a conversation with a native speaker. 5.  Listening is also a part of an Academic test. For example, the IELTS test.

Now you would have understood the importance of listening. So we shall learn how to improve our listening skills.

1. watch the news on BBC, Fox News, CNN, ABC, and so on.

2. Listen to the radio. You can listen to BBC radio and BBC4 to improve your listening skill.

3. Listen to podcasts. This will improve your listening skills and also improve your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more.

4. Watch movies in English and TV shows in English and try it without subtitles for the second time to improve your listening vocabulary.

5. Listen to the songs in English actively and understand the lyrics to sing by yourself to become a better listener.

6. Listen to audiobooks to improve your listening skills. You can find audiobooks on YouTube and try to watch one audiobook per day to improve your listening skill.

Through these activities, you will receive and understand how to enhance your listening skills.

To improve your English speaking skill, you can join Spoken English Classes in Anna Nagar to improve your English speaking skill under an expert trainer.


Writing habits will help you to learn vocabulary, sentence construction, spelling, grammar, and creative ideas. To improve your English you can write a blog, diary, summary or even an essay. pick any ideas and fix 30 minutes every day to write. Writing helps you speak English fluently because while writing you are learning how to combine words to form a sentence grammatically. so, writing helps you speak English fluently.


How you can improve your speaking skills. There are many ways to improve your fluency in English, but in order to become more fluent, you need to do one thing, talk to people and have a conversation regularly. For that, you need to practice regularly to make progress. You can practice speaking by talking about yourself, hobbies, goals, family, daily routine, or your childhood memories.

Now you can prepare four to five lines on any of these topics and start practicing these lines before a mirror and learn to speak quickly.

Observe and Imitate

This is one of the main activities you need to pursue, which is observing good English speakers. You can observe your favorite English speaker, they could be in movies or news. observe them and watch how they pronounce. You should pay attention to intonation. Intonation is stress and unstressed changes in how a person speaks. Focusing on intonation helps you to pronounce as a natural native speaker.

English Pronunciation

To improve your pronunciation you can improve follow these steps:

1. you can syllable the word for easy pronunciation.

2. listen to English speakers and learn how to stress words.

3. focus on sounds because it adds meaning to the words

Now, we shall have a look at some of the important English language Pronunciation Rules.

1. A Vowel Followed by a Single or two Consonant at the end of a Word Is Pronounced as a Short Vowel.

2.  If a letter E Appears at the End of a Word, It Is Silent.

3. If a letter R appears at the end or middle of the word, it is silent.

4. When two vowels appear in a syllable next to one other, the second vowel is silent and the first vowel is pronounced as a long vowel.

5. When a consonant comes after a vowel in the middle of a word, it is pronounced like the first sound in the next syllable.

From the above tips, you would have understood how to improve your English speaking skill as well as the importance of learning English. Learning English is mandatory because it broadens learners’ minds and develops creative skills, standardizes the quality of life by providing job opportunities, and progresses learners’ life both personally and professionally. Here at EnglishLabs, we believe that anyone who puts in the right effort can build their ability to learn English quickly. Join Spoken English Classes in Velachery which helps you to achieve your ambition in your life.

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