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Like any other skill, writing also plays an important role in shaping up a person’s language proficiency. This is why the written section is given huge importance in the TOEFL exam. The TOEFL examinations also test us on our writing skills in English like other skills. Since writing is a task that involves direct application from our brain. Let us have a look at some useful tips for TOEFL written section that can be handy for your TOEFL Training in Porur.

The primary talent that should be present in a good writer is the ability to present sophisticated topics in a simple way that any reader can understand. One should use simple and short sentences in order indicate good writing skills. It also can help people to avoid grammatical mistakes.

If the ultimate result is not present, then all efforts, skills, and knowledge invested, goes in vain. What matters is the result. Whatever may be the situation, answer the question as per what is necessary.

Anything you take has a proper beginning, middle, and end. Same does apply to your essays in TOEFL exam. Only when the form of an essay is proper, there will be a flow of the content. It also gives the essays a proper structure and style.

Never forget to add a thesis statement. It is the last line of your first paragraph. It states your opinion about the issue. You will be taught on how to write a perfect thesis statement in your TOEFL Classes in Anna Nagar.

Never use conjunctions in the beginning of your sentences. They are used to connect sentences and not begin.Use active voice in your sentences because it is much effective and stronger.

Among the punctuation signs, the comma is an important one. It adds up a tone to the essay and presents in a much pleasing manner.

Two things that are often a must-do in TOEFL’s written section are presenting opinions and providing reasons. One factor that is used for this is conditionals. Skipping on conditionals is one major mistake that many commits.

If you are planning to take up TOEFL Coaching in Porur, then it is the best decision to boost your career.

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