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Usage of Idioms in IELTS speaking & writing Tests

Usage of Idioms in IELTS speaking & writing Tests

Idioms are used informally in the English language which is not like words. Using many idioms help to score high marks in the IELTS exam. Using idioms is very helpful in clearing the speaking test. Usage of idioms lays the difference between the native speaker and average speakers. So to clear the certification fluency is given more weight age. Informal speech is easy to deliver and boost the confidence level. IELTS Coaching Centre in Chennai train the candidates for speaking, listening, reading and writing because language is about all the aspects of a language.

How to prepare yourself for the speaking test

Using Idioms in the speaking test is a good method to score high marks because it sounds natural. Idioms are more close to the lifestyle of the people. In IELTS speaking there are three levels, part one and part two is about informal speech, part three is about the formal speech. Make your speech more interesting by using idioms and phrases. The certified examiner will ask questions related to personal life in part 1 and part 2. It’s raining cats and dogs, High as a kite, over the moon, once in a blue moon, a piece of cake, a drop in the ocean, action speaks louder than words, back to the drawing board, put all your eggs in one basket, Off the top of my head, run of the mill, are some of the common idioms in English language. IELTS Training in Bangalore train the students with group discussion and role play with different themes by which the speaking skills are equipped well to attain success. Formal and informal speeches both are equally important when practicing for the exam.

How to prepare for the writing test

Under writing test Task 1 consist of 150 words and task 2 consist of 250 words. Part 1 is about summarizing the graph, table, chart or diagram. Task 2 is about writing an essay for an argument or problem. IELTS Classes in Chennai has proven records in training the students with ample study material. Underline the keywords which convey more about the meaning. Do not copy the whole sentences from the question rather than that use different words to explain your answer. New words and meaningful words are more important to score high marks. Be focused on spelling, grammar, and punctuation where there is a possibility to lose marks. Reread and correct your answer before posting. Every year graduates and postgraduates join the IELTS coaching centers in Bangalore to become an English expert.

English is a global language with huge demand in many industries. English speakers can work as primary school teachers, marketing executives, translators, trainers etc. So, for higher education, onsite project, and to take up a smart career getting certification is very much important. The speaking and listening part is the same for all the students but the writing and reading part differ to the students as per the training like general training or academic training. Start from the scratch, rise and shine, rule of thumb, pull the plug are some of the formal idioms to use in the writing test. Don’t lose the fluency and context-based writing when writing the test.

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