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Sentence Connectors

Sentence connectors

Sentence connectors are a great way of enhancing our spoken English. They add value to our content. This is because their role is to connect various elements or ideas. They combine sentences to give a bigger meaning. The sentence connectors connect words or phrases. Spoken English Training will help you to learn more such detailed factors of the language.

There are different kinds of sentence connectors with different situations. The types of connectors are mentioned below.


Under this category, there are two connectors that are ‘AND and ‘ALSO’. These sentence connectors are used to combine two objects or ideas or situations. It indicates that both the factors are important.

Example: Mary and John went to school without wearing shoes.

                   Ram came in a red outfit. He also brought a bunch of flowers.


The connectors in this category are ‘OR’ and ‘NOT’. It means that the factors are in an optional situation. Only one among the factor is crucial.

Example: I’ll have coffee or tea.

                   I wanted an apple, not an orange.


The connectors state that there is a direct relationship between the two situations. As the name suggests it indicates the cause and its effect on a situation.

Example: I had to catch the bus so I went early.

                   I need a female model for the photo-shoot.


The connectors under this category state the conditional situation between the two situations. One affects the other.

Example: I’ll make it if you come or else I can’t.

                   He waited until the last bell.


The connectors have the purpose of contrasting two situations. They will imply that opposite happening. The connectors are ‘BUT’ and ‘YET’’.

Example: He tried his best yet couldn’t get it.

                   She started early but was late to office.

English is a fun language to learn. There are many elements in the English language like above mentioned. To know and learn more, Join Spoken English Class in Coimbatore at English Labs.


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