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    Spoken English Classes in Madurai


    Language provides you a medium to express your views and thoughts effectively. The key objective of learning a language is to gain an ability to interpret the literature of it and utilizing its benefit. In present times, where the internet has dissolved geographical boundaries and widened the access to global job avenues, only having an excellent communication skill can enhance the possibilities of fetching goods education and employment. Spoken English Classes in Madurai provides you the opportunity to enhance your productivity and acquire the ability to convey your ideas in a brilliant and precise manner.

    Your abilities, opinion, and knowledge are of no use if you fail to express them correctly. Students who lag behind communication skills often find it difficult to cope up with or comprehend their curriculum. Similarly, employees working in reputed organizations often languish at the workplace, even less deserving employees with a very good communication abilities climb up the managerial ladder much faster than those who have poor communication skill. Since English is one of the most widely used languages across the country and the globe, it becomes imperative for people to develop the English language skills in order to increase prospects for the professional growth.

    About English labs

    Englishlabs was founded in 2015 to provide Spoken English Class in Madurai and has centers in Bangalore, Chennai, and Coimbatore. We have successfully offered training to more than 2000+ students through our integrated and methodical approach, courses and innovative teaching methods. In an endeavor to assist more students in gaining confidence, accuracy, and command over the language, we are launching an online educational portal where students can learn different aspects of the language at their own pace and comfort. Spoken English Course in Madurai includes specially designed engaging English learning modules to cater to varying requirements. You can enroll in our courses to strengthen your English communication skills and excel in your field of study or profession.


    We have set up three different levels and they are Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Level programs and IELTS course. You may be having any profession, or you may also be a student, you will be allotted in any of the three levels in Spoken English Class in Madurai according to your skill in speaking English.

    This level forms the primary step towards knowing how to communicate effortlessly in English. Designed for beginners, this level involves learning pronunciation, developing vocabulary, forming simple sentences, using basic patterns, and practicing to read and understand words and sentences in English.

    This level caters the learners who want to interact with others confidently and flawlessly. Spoken English Class in Madurai aim is to establish enhanced communication adroitness so that learners can make use of language rules and vocabulary during an active conversation. This program enables learners to interact with clarity and ease.

    This level is intended for learners who have successfully completed Beginner and Intermediate levels and look forward to sharpening up their English skills to advanced levels of proficiency. We will assist learners in honing their speaking styles and get beyond significant intermissions in naturally using English in varied situations.

    High Level Spoken English Course Syllabus:

    • Vocabulary Development
    • Commonly Mispronounced Words
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Spoken English Development
    • Speaking Exercises in English audio Learning Session
    • Audio Learning Session

    Syllabus for Advanced Level:

    • Grammar Mastery
    • Speaking Exercises in English
    • Audio & Video Sessions Exercises


    IELTS Coaching in Madurai program comprises four different areas of the communication – Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing, which outlines the four elements of the program. We will offer educational modules as well as introductory programs for general instruction.

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