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Usage of articles in English Language

Usage of article in the English

An article is used to change a noun, which may be a person, idea, place or object.  Exactly an article is an adjective, any word which is used to change a noun. Instead to refer or to point out a noun articles are used. Two different types of articles are used one is definite and another one is indefinite articles to point or to refer a noun through writing and conversation. Many learners are facing problem in articles (a, an, and the). Spoken English classes will help you to Speak English without making any grammar mistake.

The definite article is straightforward, but it is quite difficult to use the indefinite article. The article decision depends upon sound towards the start of the thing that is being changed. It is simple and an easy approach to recall this.

In the event the thing that comes after the article starts with a vowel sound, the proper indefinite article to utilize is “an.” A vowel sound is a sound that is made by any vowel in the English language: “a,” “e,” “i,” “o,” “u,” and occasionally “y” sometimes it makes “e” or “i” sound.

For Example:

  • an advertisement on the Television ( the noun begins with “a” which is a vowel )
  • an elephant is crossing the road (the noun begins with “e” which is a vowel )

Usage of “the”

We frequently utilize when we say something for the first time when we are going to present a topic, a writer or speaker use the word “the” to mention a thing or people. If anybody is talking about a place they visit then normally present with the word “the shop, the college”

For Example:

Visit the college which I have seen yesterday

To say about a particular thing, place or book “the” is used

The Himalaya, The valleys, The Bible etc…

Usage of “an” & “a”

Utilizing “an” and “a” does not depend upon the spelling of the word it comes, based on the pronunciation of the words, “an” is utilized before words that start with vowels (a, e, i, o u.):

For Example:

an apple

an orange

an ice cream

an eagle

an umbrella

In the event that a word begins with a consonant sound, we use “a”

a pencil, a dog, a tub etc…

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